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Airsafe UK Ltd Terms & Conditions [V2]

valid from 25/07/2010

[1.1] New customers to Airsafe UK Ltd will be subject to a credit reference check before terms can be agreed.

[1.2] New customers who score low on credit checks will be required to make a part payment of the contract total prior to works commencing, with the balance of the contract sum due on completion of the contract.

[1.3] On contracts with duration of LESS than 4 weeks, full payment of our invoice, without any deduction for retention, must be made by you within 30 days of the date of the invoice unless stated otherwise or agreed in writing between both Parties.

[1.4] On Contracts with duration of MORE than 4 weeks, interim invoices will be raised at the end of each calendar month and payment in full, without any deduction for retention, must be made within 30 days of the date of the interim invoice.

[1.5] If these terms are exceeded we reserve the right, at our discretion, to charge interest under Section 69 of the County Court Act 1985 at a rate of 3% over bank base rate on overdue amounts and recover any costs incurred in obtaining payment of monies due to us.

[1.6] Title ownership of the goods shall not pass to the purchaser until payment has been received in full an all funds are cleared.

[1.7] An official order number / letter of intent will be required prior to commencement of works please use our official faxback sheet at the end of this document.

[1.8] This quotation is exclusive of VAT.

[1.9] On asbestos removal projects a minimum of 2 weeks notice for cancellations / delayed starts will be required. This is due to the fact that all notifiable asbestos projects must be notified to the enforcing authority 14 days prior to works commencing; therefore labour is allocated to a project at the point of notification; late cancellations / delayed starts result in labour which cannot normally allocated elsewhere. In this instance administration charges will be incurred.

[1.10] When less than 14 days notice has been given for the cancellation / delayed start then further charges will be incurred. For all other projects a minimum of 7 days notice for cancellation / delayed start will be required to avoid charges other than the standard administration charge relating to the project.

[1.11] We have assumed provision will be provided for the siting of all our vehicles and waste disposal containers.

[1.12] Our quotation will remain 'Fixed' for a period 30 days, subject to any Government increases and will remain open for acceptance for 30 days.

[1.13] No allowance has been made for any re-instatement/make good works unless specifically itemised within this quotation.

[1.14] We have assumed free/continuous supply and use of adequate water and electricity throughout the contract period, together with sufficient parking space for our decontamination unit and waste skip, at no cost to Airsafe UK Ltd unless otherwise stated / agreed.

[1.15] Site security and access will be the responsibility of the purchaser/client.

[1.16] In the event of an abortive visit/denied access [i.e. no keys/ incomplete scaffold systems etc] occurring that results in a direct financial loss being made by Airsafe UK Ltd we will seek to levy a standard charge up to 75% of contract sum] to compensate for unproductive time/use of plant and materials.

[1.17] To ensure adequate control measures during removal works we may be required to "fix" to existing surfaces i.e. walls, ceiling etc. although all due care will be taken we cannot be held responsible for damage to decorations due to our needs to segregate working areas.

[1.18] Airsafe UK Ltd cannot guarantee complete removal of any asbestos containing adhesive / bitumen from any surface, the removal process will almost certainly leave a residue in situ in this instance Airsafe UK Ltd would recommend encapsulation of any residue with a self levelling latex screed and no allowance has been made for this within this quotation unless specifically identified.

[1.19] Sub floor ducts with soil bases- Airsafe UK Ltd quotations have been based on removal of any soil base to a maximum of 50mm only, and depth beyond this will be charged pro rata.

[1.20] Square / Linear measurements documented on information provided to us has been allowed for only, any additional layers/ unforeseen ACM's will be deemed as extra this will include floor tiles.

[1.21] Plant equipment or structures upon which or adjacent to, where asked o work must be sound unless expressly stated prior to commencement of works. We will not be liable to repair any damage / orreplacement accelerated or caused by our actions to worn out or corroded equipment etc.

[1.22] Waivers will be applied for in emergency situations and must be backed up by an official request on company letterhead paper from the client and addresses to the enforcing authority and sent to us for inclusion with the ASB5 and method statement.

[1.23] Should any special precautions be required to be taken by the staff of Airsafe UK Ltd; It is requested that in order to ensure their health and safety on the client's site; these should be notified in writing to Airsafe UK Ltd prior to the commencement of any contract.

[1.24] Any and all certificates of disconnections or isolations for works to be carried out in/on or around electrical or heating appliances /Pipe work must be provided by the client at no extra cost to Airsafe UK Ltd and prior to he asbestos works being carried out. Failure to do so my result in any works commencing on the agreed date.

[1.25] Any scaffolding forming part of an asbestos removal enclosure, must be supplied and erected by a licensed asbestos scaffolding contractor. No allowance has been made for this within this quotation unless specifically itemised.

[1.26] Airsafe UK Ltd quotations are based upon completing works in accordance with the scope of works detailed above and our agreed plan of work. Should it prove necessary to amend the plan of work due to any change in site conditions, we reserve the right to review our prices.

[1.27] Analytical air tests are booked at the time of receipt of orders, if for any reason there is a need to cancel / re-arrange the date of the works the analytical company levy a cancellation fee of £150.00 plus vat, we have no alternative but to levy that charge to the original costs.

[1.28] If any works are cancelled after a plan of work has been drawn up and notified to the Health & Safety Executive, a minimum administration charge of £300 & vat will be levied.

[1.29] No method statements / risk assessments will be drawn up or notifications set into the HSE if we are not in receipt of our official fax back order confirmation sheet attached to this quotation.

[1.30] Placement of orders deem full acceptance of our terms and conditions.

[1.31] No retentions will be accepted on any contract.

[1.32] No allowances have been made to remove any ACM not identified within any documentation provided.

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